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Pastor Ross Lieuallen's Corner

Coffee Break - 6/5/2024 By Pastor Ross


"Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future." Proverbs (19:20)


“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future.” Proverbs (19:20)

Recently I was asked to be on a ministry team for our region.  This task will take up to a year, and involve time, energy, and prayers, along with working with others.  When asked, I did not immediately say yes or no.  While I immediately leaned toward saying “no,” I told the asker I needed some time to process, pray, and reflect.   And yes, I prayed, but I also sensed the Lord whispering to me to ask others for their advice. What?  I have my own hotline to Heaven!  I don’t need others to interfere!  Well, sometimes that’s our reaction to “advice receiving.”  We don’t want anyone else tellin’ us what to do!

Yes, we are to ask God for wisdom and revelation about practical details of our lives.  And yes, we have access to receive His direction as individuals.  That said, one of the ways God gives us wisdom and practical insight is through others and their trusted advice.  Gone to the doctor recently?  Did you trust their good or solemn advice?  Have you consulted with a financial advisor, an attorney, an accountant, or leader from whom you could benefit?  Then why is it, we are reluctant to ask others in Christ for advice? Obviously, we all have trusted folks and friends, and even perhaps people we don’t’ know very well, but who could offer great and Godly advice.

Is it a humility issue…we’re just plain too proud to admit we might need advice?  Is it…’we’re really scared to hear what we really don’t’ want to hear?’   Is it…the hotline to Heaven attitude that no one can confirm or contradict what I believe I get from God?

Advice about asking for advice:

·Asking for advice is just asking.  No one is telling you what to do.

·God often uses confirmations of other’s voices to affirm what He is telling you.

·Asking helps us trust others and why God puts them into our lives.

·Others usually see the forest when we see only trees.

·Usually, advice asking is inviting others into a deeper way of praying for us that otherwise they would not have known.

·Asking and listening is wisdom for the future.  That’s God’s promise in Proverbs.

Many people I asked for advice asked me questions; everyone gave me their perspective, and why I should serve.  All seemed to confirm what I emotionally at first didn’t want to do. I said yes.


Pastor Ross  

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